Chisako Otani is a friend I met on instagram. She makes beautiful handmade work such as bags and jewelry. Her work can be admired on instagram under the name Utakodow.

The logo above is of her company name Utakodow. Her logo was designed by Edogalan (GALAN gallery) Edogalan can also be found on instagram.

A Japanese adventure.

I anxiously waited for my drawing to arrive in Japan. And yes, I'm glad!!!
It's there!!!

It gives me a good feeling that my work has reached its new owner.

I am happy that I was able to complete all this just before 2023.

On to the new year and new adventures!

Thanks for this adventure Chisako Otani!

On the way to the land of the rising sun.

The drawing below with the name "Mère" was made for
Chisako Otani!

This gift is going to make her trip to Japan!